Kennel Vision

Ehren Jaeger GSPs strives to develop and breed outstanding hunting companions that also excel in the show ring, in obedience events, and most importantly, are healthy additions to their owners' households. While many kennels focus solely on either hunting or show, we strongly believe that a Shorthair that is of quality conformation will function better in the field and return to hunt, day after day, season after season. To this end, we are a family of avid hunters, and run our Shorthairs in hunt tests.  We show our GSPs and our daughters participate in Junior Showmanship, and our GSPs compete in Rally Tests. Strength of conformation and health will increase the hunting enjoyment of both the Shorthair and the hunter. We are quality hunters who deserve quality hunting companions!

Erica & Carlyle finishing Carlyle's       Erica, Dad & Carlyle with Erica's First Championship!!                                      Grouse!! Whoo-Hoo Erica!

Karin & Gypsy Pheasant                Jackie & Gypsy finishing    Hunting!                                         Gypsy's Championship!!

We love to hunt!  We love to Show!  We love our Shorthairs!