CH Hi-Spirit's Aristides aka "Carlyle"

Two Little Hunters 
Carlyle's First Bird 
Erica and Carlyle Finishing Championship 
"Carlyle's First Winter" 
Carlyle Headshot by Lois Grier 
BISS AM/CAN CH Carl Aus Dem Norden Ryelle CGC (Carlyle's Dad) 
A Great Grouse Hunt! 
Carlyle with Erica and Dick/Erica's First Grouse! 
Carlyle as a Puppy 
Carlyle 36 days old 
Carlyle stacked 8 weeks 
Carlyle Championship at Shakopee-Major Win! 
Carlyle's First Grouse 
Carlyle Winter at cabin 2009 
Carlyle & Dad Pheasant Hunting 
Carlyle Huntin' on a Hot Day 
CH Shomberg's Browning Citori (Marco)Carlyle's Maternal G-Father 
CH Shomberg's Browning Citori (Marco) 
Ch Shomberg's Browning Citori (Marco) 
CH Hi-Spirits Good Gracious Carlyle's Maternal Grandmother & 1/2 sister 
Ch Hi-Spirits Good Gracious (Gracie) 
Gracie Championship Photo 1994 
Gracie 1997 
Carlyle & Erica First Leg Rally Novice Title June 2009 
Ch Hi-Spirit's Dark Velvet (Carmen) Carlyle's Mom 2003 
Carmen Nationals 2008